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Critiques d'OST Critiques d'OST

Cowboy Beebop [lyrics]
(Ecrit le 03-04-2004 par Menear)
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15. Rain

I don't feel a thing
and I stopped remembering
The days are just like moments turned to hours

Mother used to say
if you want, you find a way
Bet mother never dancing through fire shower

Walk in the rain, in the rain, in the rain
I walk in the rain, in the rain
Is it right or is it wrong
and is it here that I belong

I don't hear a sound
Silent faces in the ground
Tue quiet screams, but I refused to listen

If there is a hell
I'm sure this is how it smells
Wish this were a dream, but no, it isn't

Walk in the rain, in the rain, in the rain
I walk in the rain, in the rain
Is it right or is it wrong
and is it here that I belong


No Disc2

Fantaisie Sign

*Une promenade
Et l'univers c'est moi
Après, une cascade
Et son eau
C'est toujours toi

Une escapade,
La vie est dans les bois
Et puis une balade
Son sujet c'est toujours toi

* repeat

**C'est comme le vert des champs
Comme un oiseau qui vole
C'est toujours toi
C'est toujours moi
Toujours le rochet de l'ame emu...

Comme un enfant qui vois
Le temps passer comme drole
C'est toujours toi
C'est toujours moi
Sur les ailes et les chants du grand amour


Dans cette epoque cybernique
Pleine de gents informatique
C'est la seule fantaisie ici - pour toujours -
C'est toujours moi
C'est toujours toi


Comme l'air, c'est doucement egu
Le bleu du ciel bien aperçu
C'est toujours toi
C'est toujours moi
Pour toujours
Encore des jours
Et des jours
Et des jours

C'est toujours toi
Et moi
Et toi...

3.Don't bother none

Reading my paper in Roy's cafe
The ol'guy next to me is loud as day
Rambled and rambled while eating his pie
He dropped his wallet, now its mine uh huh

Sorry old man but that's jus' the way that it is
Don't bother none
Won't help at all to worry 'bout it

Picked this wallet and slipped out side
Walked around and walked around and walket around town
I found my nerve and a good place to hide
Only to find no cash inside uh huh

*Oh well I guess that's just the way that it is
Don't bother none
Won't help at all to worry 'bout it

I got thirsty to I went to a bar
Met a lil darling with the face of a star
In the morning woke up to find
She stole my car along with my heart uh huh

* repeat

Wish she'd gimme back my heart uh huh


7.Want it all back

You said you wanted to see Paris
So I took you to the movie
" Bon Amie " or something french like that
And then you said you were embarrassed
Because I never bought you jewelry
Television shopping fixed all that

Funny thing
'Cause I haven't seen you lately
When I called your house
It wasn't you who told me

I heard it all
From your dad
I used up my money on you BABY
And I want it back

*I want it back
I used up all my money trying to please ya
Now I want it back

Want it all back
Want it all back

Do you remember late last winter
You said that you had notjing to wear
Those fake fur pajamas looked real nice

I coulldn't take you to Miami
But took you to the ocean and we
Had some blue Hawaii on the beach

Let me think
If I add up all you owe me
And include my time
I might make it through the summer

And I guess that
ain't too bad
I use up all my money on you BABY
and I want it back

* repeat

Want it all back
Said I want it all back
Gimme my money all back
Want my money all back

9.You make me cool

What ca I tell you, this guy to see
I can't help feeling, so cool hip and so free
I don't beleive in getting hooked on love, no not me.

*You can't persuade me, to play your game
You turn your nose u, whenever I'm acting the same
The way I move is oh so smooth, I'm cool
I know you want to hold me, Cool Kat

Just leave my drinkin', in bar tonight
I know you want me, to make you, make you feel right
But all you do is hang your head so low
I know you really want me, to go.

Why can't you, please understand
What kind of man I've got to be
You're saying, I'm such a fool hiding my thoughts away from
you girl I know it's driving you wild.I'm sorry I'm a Cool Kat baby.

* repeat

15. The Singing Sea

The singing sea
The talking trees
A silent in a noisy way

The stars are blight
But give no light
The world spins backward everyday

A rainbow rat
A checkered cat
Go tail in tail around the road The mouse is pleased
The moon is cheese
The sun is shining hot and cold

A golden bird
Today I heard
Sitting upon a silver branch
His little song was very long
Wich made me sad and start to laugh

My sister is he
My brother is she
But there is only me in the family
When I grow up
I'll go down
The river to the Singing Sea




Never seen a buer sky
Yeah I can feel it reaching out
and moving closer
There's something 'bout blue

Asked myself what it's all for
You know the funny thing about it
I couldn't answer
No I couldn't answer

Things have turned a deeper shade of blue
and images that might be real
maybe illusion
Keep flashing of and on

Wana be free, Gonna be free...
And move among the stars
You know they really aren't so far

Feels so free...
Gotta know free...Please...
Don't wake me from the dream
It's really everything it seemed

I'm so free...
No black and white in the blue

Everything is cleared now
Life is just a dream, you know
That's neve ending
I'm ascending

2.Words that we couldn't say

*We couldn't say them
now we just pray them
Words that we couldn't say

Funny ain't it
games people play
scratch it, paint it
once in the same

We couldn't find them
we tried to hide them
Words that we couldn't say

It hurts don't it
fools on parade
taint it, own it
chase it away

We couldn't make them
we had to break them
Words that we couldn't say

Sometimes baby
We make mistakes
dark and hazy
prices we pay

I sit here on my shelf
talking to myself
Words that we couldn't say

Someday, maybe
We'll make it right
until that way
Long endless nights


9. Adieu

Been a fool, been a clown
Lost my way from up and down
And I know, yes I know
And I see in your Eyes
That you really weren't suprised at me at all
Not at all
And I know by your smile it's you.

Don't care for me, don't cry
Let's say goodbye, Adieu.
It's time to say goodbye, I know that in time
It will just fade away, It's time to say goodbye.

I stand alone and watch you fade ayay like clouds
High up and in the sky
I'm strong and so cold
As I stand alone
Goodbye, so long, Adieu.

*Oh How I love you so, lost in those memories
And now you've gone
I feel the pain, feeling like a fool, Adieu

**My love for you burns deep
Inside me, so strong
Embers of times we had
And now here I stand lost in a memory
I see your face and smile

* repeat

** repeat

10. Call me Call me

I close my eyes and I keep seeing things
Rainbow waterfalls
Sunny liquid dream

Confusion creeps inside me raining doubt
Gotta get to you
But I don't know how

Call me Call me
Let me know it's alright
Call me Call me
Don't you think it's 'bout time
Please wont you call and

*Ease my mind
Reasons for me to find you
Peace of mind
What can I do
to get me to you

I had number quite some times ago
Back when we were on
But I had to grow

Ten thousand years I've searched it seems and now
Gotta get to you
Won't you tell me how

Call me Call me
Let me know you are there
Call me Call me
I wana know you still care
Come on onw won't you

* repeat

Ease my mind
Reasons for me to find you
Peace of mind
Reasons for living my life
Ease my mind
Reasons for me to know you
Peace of mind
What can I do
To get me to you

13. Flying Teapot

Sometimes I thik, oh yes, I'd move to
Where all the shooting stars are gone
With all of our wishes

How could they bear, oh on, to carry
around the stupid humain hopes
So I'm gonna help, I will !

Give me a key to lock
The door to the secret paradise
There are so many queuing up
And I won't let them in
Look at them
There are cheeky
They are never worthy to be saved

Sometimes I feel, oh yes, I could to
Almost everythin I wanted
And it makes me cry

*Lay your heart, lay your soul
Upon my magic carpet
Now we are flying
To Venus just to kill some time for a tea, OK ?
Remember, surrender
There's nothing you can do'cause
Love's such a joke
Like a little Jack in the box, you know

A little Jack in the box

* repeat


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